I'm in college and my friend Sarah is jumping around to my bluegrass music and it is sooo entertaining I love it. And she has a livejournal so she inspired me to come back here and write really random stuff.

SO yeah I go to UConn and its awesome and I'm in the school of fine arts and in national honor society and everything is awesome and really fun. And Sarah is amazing. End of story. We make awesome silly vidoes and pics with each other. I will post some eventually.

And the song she's dancing to never ends haha

Quotes of the Day:

"I like funny tits!"

"I feel like an echillada"

Oh livejournal, how I have neglected you. I won't anymore yay!

And the song just ended for Sarah so she can pass out haha poor Sarah

Hey everyone!!!

Please please PLease join the fantastic community completebeauty they look like so much fun and a great opportunity to meet some nice people and have tons of fun!
I ♥ rating communties

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City of the dead...

Yay another entry! Oretty much doing this because no one reads it so it doesn't matter if i rant like crazy about people because they won't know lol!
anyways, its a saturday night and nothing to do...hmm there's something wrong with this picture?!?!
all the concert venues have crap for shows which surprises me def can't wait until a week or two from now there are def going to be some great shows out there at toads and of course in brooklyn
boooreeeedd save meeee
there is nothing to do or talk about. my bands breaking up...oh darn! *sarcasm* that was my objective today and it worked and i am totally ditching the guitarist he sounds like a cat having anal sex i mean it was freakin AWFUL ughhh *shudders*
plus he smells and hasn't had a shower in a good ummm 15 YEARS! oh wait thats how old he is, oops hehe *rolls eyes* freakin wannabes everywhere its gross
so anyways, i am looking for a new band now and hopefully something comes out of the drummer i met that i saw play at a show in his old band before he was amazing!
took some pics again but don't want to post them on here, i don't think livejournal is ready for them LOL im just too sexy like that *sarcasm*
anways, im leaving because i am rambling about nonsense that has no sense to it

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Today is the first day and the last day that I cry for you

Today was boring and stressful actually

- English turned out great
- Science was fantastic i so got a 105 on that quiz!
- Math was eh (lets not get into that haha)
- Honors band ruuulllessss!!!! imm going to play a pretty sonata its gonna knock the socks off of everyone. Its soo much fun there was a really awesome friend of mr. taylors i think his name was mike that came in during our music theory class. I only got 3 chord inversions wrong wooot!!

I am so bummed that there is nothing going on tonight there are no shows and the webster isn't having one tonight. I need to look up some venues so far all the big ones have nothing interesting going on and the show at The Space is sold out
I def need to do something tonight though or I am going to go insane! Maybe if I can get a group together I'll go bowling or something but who knows. Movie is looking good too but Im kinda tired of sitting around
Totally wish there was a dance this weekend or something its sooo freakin boring around here
Anyways, Im bored with this too LOL
Might go to band practice saturday even though I don't like them
I wanna go to NYC though and hang out with Tommy!! Someone give me a riiiideeee lol

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Hello Livejournal

Dearest Livejournal,
I am so sorry to neglect you, for I have done you such great wrong. Many years you have been here to listen to my rants and how could I let such an understanding friend wither away? I shall revive you! Stick to my word to bring you to life! Myspace has stolen my love for you away but wait, you just wait and I will prove it all back! I've had you since freshmen year and can't let all those memories and friends die away.

Now I will fill thee with life! *zaps with fairy heart wand with pink glitter and ribbons on it* you have been twanged!! wooo!!!

~So far this week~

- Midterms are over! Those were soo killer it was awful Mrs. Proctor was great though and gave me a lot of extra credit and whatnot.
- Spanish = ♥ Nuff said
- Math = :( :( :( NUFF SAID THERE TOO (i won't rant i promise...maybe...sorta...NOT. yeah im mad because i worked my arse off in math and i get nothing in return. I stay after every day or atleast atleast 4 times a week and i still get a stinky poo poo grade that i don't even wish or care to talk about. UGGGHHHh!!!! <--- and i screamed like that in the parking lot)
- Music
FANTASTIC! i met some great bands on saturday and some great people. Dizm, Jeff, Marc, Neal, Mike x 2, Charlie, Tommy x 2, Josh, Andrew, Chris, Brain, Kevin you guys are the best musicians on the planet i ♥ you guys all!! Def a kickass show and can't wait to see another.
Great bands:
Fear the State duh!
Coppermine (minus the lead singer for personal reasons LOL!)
Novus Dae
Razbury Something (thats seriously the bands name BUT i did forget the name of the dude i met from that band and his manager so im just going to call him that dude)

Too lazy to write the rest so check out my myspace to learn them all LOL

also in other departments:

I got a boyfriend named Jason and he is perfect and absolutely adorable! def the sweetest guy ever and you will all wish you had him too once you meet him hehe ;)

I need sleep though I'm gonna scamper out of this piece
Hope ya'll didn't miss me too much!

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Update on my life

-I hate NYC (an asshole ruined it for me)
-I lost a good friend because he is being a complete retard and extremely mean to me. Tells me he hates me on my 16th birthday *thumbs up* GOOD JOB BUDDY!
-Bday sucked but a few cheered it up for sure ;)
-School is so boring and hard this year
-Field Day rocked but the Juniors lost because we suck
-I made a lot of new friends over the past month
-Busy busy busy social life omg
-Today im going out to dinner with Mike
-Concert sat at the arts barn with courtney and before then jamming with zach
-sun seeing dizm!!! yay!!! lol
-mon i have no idea yet but im sure something will come up. probably hw thats what im supposed to be doing right now lol.

Anyways, so far i look at everything good. even though some shitty things have happened, things are still good.

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Take everything you need to be satisfied

hey guys! not too much went on today. i was super lazy today sheesh. kathryn came over today!!!!!!! we watched the ending of a really cool movie on PPV and this psycho dude burned himself alive. it was pretty entertaining. then we watch a lot of stuff on MTV. that 70s reality show...soooooo stupid. i wish laguna beach was on :( they can eat sooo much and stay perfect. i think my new diets going to consist of just lettice and tomatoes from now on.
we also watched room raiders (all the guys were ugly on it though) and date my mom. atleast the guy made the right choice this episode. usually they always pick one that isn't good for them or crazy or something.
i'm def going to go over my grammies tomorrow. i got super good sleep last night even though it was thundering and lightning. i was a dork and slept upstairs in the guest room because i was afraid to be downstairs alone haha. o well, everyone has the right to act like a 2 year old at times.
i went shopping online for some back to school clothes. i saw a lot of cute stuff on gap and ralph lauren. old navy had awesome deals. i think im going to get a few more shirts from them if i don't go shopping in nyc. i might not have time now because of the concert, it starts an hour earlier than i planned. thats ok though!!!! i can't wait :) :)
i redid my myspace layout too. i tried to make one for this but the person who wrote some of the overrides must have been on crack while doing it. all of them didn't come out right and it was dissapointing. i think after i post this im going to try and find another website that supports layouts.
anyways, i had a wonderful dinner of macaroni and cheese and def needed the cup of french vanilla coffee. now im wired like an energizer bunny!!! woooo! lol
i might post some new pics if i take more. gosh i've been such a cam whore lately but haven't posted them anywhere! thats about to change hehe ;)

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About that beach party...

it sucked majorly. OMG all i saw was fighting between boyfriend and girlfriend it was terrible. i had a headache at the end of it all and i also wasted my money on hotdogs.
freakin kidney stones he had....... gosh why go to a party then?!


the rest of my life has been fun. i hung out with a few peeps last night. we pretended we were a car at burger king in the drive through window at midnight but they wouldn't serve us. priceless!
we also went to stop and shop and bought a bunch of glazed donuts. they pigged out insanely it was great!

i had such a fun time. and i went over my grammies and saw krissy a few days ago! her kitty is so cuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!! i took pics of her with my camera phone. i ♥ Precious!

i had fun with grammy when i went over there a separate time too. we did a crossword puzzle together. def got to keep that brain crankin, you know?

well i got to go boating now, i'm going to Watch Hill and go shoppping!!! back to school clothes rock.

love you all and def updating soon

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We were two broken hearts looking out for each other

im sad tonight. soo much going on i can't take it thats why im up right now. i can't talk about it to anyone unfortunately but hopefully things will get better. i just needed somewhere to type this because it made me feel better lol. im such a dork sometimes. anyways, i'll check in later. i have a beach party today!!! i'll let you all know how that goes. i'm throwing it as a suprise for eric and his girlfriend. people were meanies to them and blew them off last party so i feel i should make them feel so much better and happy to know that there are people out there who care! god i love making other people happy :) :)

talk to you all soon

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Suicide notes and butterfly kisses

So much for keeping that promise lol. didn't really update everyday..sorry guys. its just been freakin hectic. i have way to much to worry about now.
i had school crap so far every tuesday and i worked at a farm for that one day and a nursing home the other few times. this week i have another one at a nursing home. its some dinner thingie...
then i've been chilling at the beach with all my friends like everyday. and much has been unexpected, including all the babysitting calls.
i also went to brooklyn last friday to see a concert and whatnot. after that, i went to three mile harbor for the fireworks.
i've also been going out on the neighbors new jet boat the last few weekends and it has been super fun! can't wait to do it again. def want to drive next time. its so awesome its red lol.
so yeah...and i've been unfortunately pigging out somewhat by eating a lot this weekend so hopefully nothing will happen there. just gotta not eat as much this week.
on that note, i got some pics for you guys. its been a while and i figured i should post some. all these pics are also on myspace ( )
Clicky on the heart

Collapse )

anyways, i have to cut this short because i have to eat dinner. i'll be on again i promise...and this time i won't break that! lol. (just repaid this paid account so i better use it!)



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